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Ranks and Meanings
All Ranks are based off time in LyF and being active. Things like being active in clan affairs and actively on teamspeak helps you move threw the ranks.

Team Founder– Founder and Leader off LyF
Grand Masters– Admins and recruiters and overall Leaders of the clan.
Master Swordsman– The Best Among the Clan. Three things you have to be doing to be this rank.
1. Be Very active and or been in the clan a very long time.
2. Be above 15xx in any Ladder off Voobly.
3. Be Active with in the Clan.
Minstrels– Promoters off LyF and recruiters to be this rank takes 2 things.
1. A focus on the growing the clan and recruiting.
2. Being active and or have been in the clan for a good length off time.
Champions- The Loyal and Skilled Members off the clan. To be in this rank takes 3 things.
1. Being active and or have been in the clan a long time.
2. Be 13xx to 15xx in any Ladder.
3. Active in Teamspeak.
Loyal Knights– Members that have been in the clan for a mouth or two and proven to be loyal and active.
Elite Swordsman- Active members that are Fairly new to the clan but are moving there way up the ladder.
Men At Arms– Members that have been in the clan less than a mouth but more than two weeks and still finding there way.
New Blood– Members that made it out off trial and proved they want to stick around in the family.
Trial Member– New recruits still in there week Trial period.
Unforgotten– The in active and never forgotten LyF members ..